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CTC5 Color Receivers (1956 - 1957)

CTC5 Christmas Magic

(a magical era from the cover of the December, 1956 Radio-Television News)
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CTC5 Chassis Models

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CTC5 Product Brochure
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Introduced in the Fall of 1956, the CTC5 Chassis was used in eleven different cabinet styles. There were two versions of the CTC5 Chassis - The "Super" and the "Deluxe" Series. The Super Series used color-difference demodulation - few claim seeing a decent color picture on those sets. The Deluxe Series used X and Z wide-band demodulation producing a superior color picture. RCA also introduced its first under $500 Color Television in a "Special" Model, named the "Aldrich" (it used the Super series chassis). The sets are known for their problems of brittle printed circuit boards (with reliability problems) and potentiometer adjusted d.c. static convergence (which drifts with line voltage).

The CTC5 models where sold through mid-1957. The next RCA color set series used the CTC7 Chassis. When the decision was made to not produce the planned full-door CTC7 models, the four CTC5 full-door models (Chandler, Strathmore, Arliss, and Wingate) were still sold during the CTC7 1958-1959 product year.

Many thanks to Bob Grasso of Davie, Florida who provided the original CTC5 consumer brochure for these scans. Don Kent did the PhotoShop editing of these images.

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Indication of Cabinet Finish in Model Number

Starting with the CTC5 models, an additional number was added to the end of the model numbers shown above to indicate finish type. These were:

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